Start a Home Business Right Now – No Excuse Not to

While on the one hand people actually do want to start a home business and have even taken some steps to initiate, on the other hand, they have so many reasons why they think it won’t work. Too old? New? No money? No time? Bad connection? No technical experience?

no excuses

The one that is just laughable is ‘new’. When we are born aren’t we brand new? So does being ‘new’ handicap us in any way? We will develop physically and mentally pretty much on a sequential ‘clock’. Instead of reading the training and directions people will rush to declare that they are “new” and therefore imply that this in some way will be an obstacle in their development. No, but you know what will? Not following the directions and making good use of the resources provided.

Everybody has to start somewhere. You know where? It’s at new, or square one. Every single person who is doing business at any level on the Internet had to have a “Day 1” where they set out to explore the possibility. Each bit of information they acquire they start not being so ‘new’ anymore. There is nothing wrong with being new. Nobody is going to judge you or make fun of you because you are new. So ask whatever questions you have and don’t be afraid to take a few low-level risks.

The other frequent ‘excuse to fail’ is ‘old’. There is a perception that everybody in Internet marketing is post adolescent. Well it may be true that these days, kids start getting technical skills in kindergarten. So cute are the pictures with the pacifier in one hand and the smart phone in the other. It’s amazing. You know what though? If they have the advantage it is the tiny fingers on those blasted little phone keyboards. Kidding aside they will be very advanced from previous generations because they start out so young.

Most in previous generations didn’t get into computers until much later. However that in no shape, way or form means they can’t learn to do something. “There is no Can’t”. Anyway the point is if you can still see, hear and think then you are not too old. When someone predicates a statement with “I am 62” (implying that they are not ‘the sharpest knife in the drawer’ and if they fail it will be because of that).

These statements can cause a lot of resentment, for example if someone in hearing distance is 72 and quite lucid with a lifetime of experience and skills. They don’t feel impaired and don’t want people to believe that after 50 everyone is incapable of doing anything that requires any thought. If someone is going to announce their age, then it should be congratulatory. Hey, I am sharp – here I am, “old” but I am hip, sharp as a tack, young at heart and ready to start a business online!

There can be different excuses for any failure – but the thing is why not wait until you actually fail and then tell the reason, rather than come to the table with a ready-made ‘excuse to fail’. Always remember this: “Failure is not falling down, it is staying down”. So always get right back up if there has actually been some obstacle or reason why you didn’t succeed the first 10 times you tried!

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