Your Home Business – Work Smarter

Your Home Business – Work Smarter


It is a real good idea to become an affiliate of the programs that you use for advertising and marketing.  No matter what your main business might be, it is always wise to add additional streams of income wherever possible.  Selling the programs you are using is a natural. It is direct and not only financially but psychologically you will like the idea of paying for your own services straight from the commissions you earn from selling them. They ‘pay for themselves’.

If you devote some time and energy to promoting these services to your downline in your main programs, then it is doubly good as there is your ready-made market. It is all a neatly tied package that ends up with less money seemingly going out of your pocket to run your business.  Further it is a natural to sell services or products to people who you know need them for their business.  It is always good to make natural connections as things flow more gracefully.

Building relationships is important and helping people is a wonderful goal.  If you can offer advice and information to your prospects and customers that will assist them in building their own businesses, it can be ‘clear sailing’ for you down the line.  You can speak with confidence about the services as you have actually used them yourself, know how they work and recommend them. There is nothing forced or artificial about what you are saying.


Hopefully you can be the type of sponsor who guides and coaches your customers both before and after the primary sale. Again it is very natural for you to advise them on what you know will help them to achieve their goals.  There is nothing that speaks louder than direct experience.  However if you are also new to the business, it may take you a while to reach a place where you can actually say you have seen the results.

This is okay and there are always ways you can be perfectly honest about this if you use actual reviews and information from the site, quoting people, studies or research and actual statistics.  You could actually say that you are using the product or service yourself and detail the reasons that compelled you to try it, without saying you know for sure it works from first-hand experience.

Again, if you are building a relationship of trust they will appreciate the advice of a friend, and may be willing to take a chance because you are willing to, because they respect you. In any case people always appreciate well-meaning advice and just the fact that you would take the time to try to help them along the way. Certainly they are more likely to follow your recommendations than a total stranger that sends them an offer out of nowhere.

Your Home Business – Work Smarter

Source : Your Home Business – Work Smarter

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