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this new investment program will make 300% ROI for 2017

Hurry up this new investment program will make 300% ROI for 2017.

sincerely those who know me know it, climb quickly in the rocket QUESTRA because it is already the BUZZ of 2017 … especially if you are tired of the REVSHARES, each time more beautiful and which close nevertheless in the end , Without worrying if your friends, last arrived, will recover or lose their down payment. I flee these unhealthy societies that bloom every day and give a bad image of the Network.

To have experienced it, and lost money, now I am very selective and QUESTRA meets all my selection criteria:

—> It is an old company, experienced with gable on the street and which makes monthly new millionaires for 3 years.

—> We know who are the leaders and where is the head office that they can visit every day and secretaries will answer you on the phone and you can go see them like take appointment with the officials who are the all Day in the premises.


Registration is free and does not commit you to anything, however it is important to position yourself right away. Then see the system from the inside and when you feel good, you can invest 90 € or more!


This company is called QUESTRA: It is a holding divided into 2 companies:

1) ATLANTIC Global Asset Management: in charge of purchasing the packs of its investor members.

2) QUESTRA WORLD: dedicated to the good management of partners.

And our main concern is QUESTRA WORLD.

This new investment program will make 300% ROI for 2017.



In 2009, it was called SFG GROUP and had 9 employees. Following these successful activities, it restructured into QUESTRA HOLDINGS Inc., in the Virgin Islands, on April 11, 2013, with headquarters in Spain, Murcia and Madrid. On February 10, 2014, it launched its first investment product with profitable returns for its investor members. In July 2015, in accordance with international marketing rules, it opens its investment program in MLM.

To date, October 2016, QUESTRA HOLDINGS Inc. has 160 employees and offices in 28 countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Moscow, Cape Verde and Madrid. It is an official partner of ECOBANK, the largest bank in Cape Verde and South Africa. It holds a growing insurance fund of more than 60 million euros which covers and guarantees the reimbursement of the invested capital of its members, in case of worries.

What Are The Activities Of QUESTRA WORLD Inc.?

Specializing in the recovery of delinquencies and factoring, it buys the bank debts of companies in bankruptcy to restructure them by reselling them in the form of a repayment. As a result, at each operation it realizes between 30 and 90% of profit. It may also decide to keep companies and launch IPOs to value them on the stock exchange. To profit from its advantages, it diversifies into the following sectors:

Air transport. — Real estate acquisitions. — Recovery of debts. — Financing of start-ups –

Purchases and sales of IPO shares (for trading) –

Acquisitions of shares in large companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc …


this new investment program will make 300% ROI for 2017


You can join us and join with confidence and start earning 4.5% each Friday, much better than your bank with an insurance (independent guarantee fund) that guarantees you and ensures the repayment of your capital in case of worries The company. That said it is doing very well, it has paid over 213 million dividends to us its investor members in 2015.

How to earn money with QUESTRA HOLDINGS Inc?

In order to deal with interesting financial records, QUESTRA, which has the confidence of banks, also needs significant funds to acquire them. Through the MLM, it raises important funds faster, thanks to its investor members, who buy different investment packages. This generates a permanent flow of money for the company to seize larger financial markets. In return, a weekly redistribution of its profits, pro rata to the number of packs purchased, and according to the amount invested for each pack is paid to all members.

How to Buy QUESTRA Investment Packs?

To go to the simplest: you need to open a free ADVCASH account. If you do not have one, you can register for free.

What Is The Profitability For Each Pack Of QUESTRA HOLDINGS Inc.?

You can buy one or more Pack of same or different category and as many Packs as you want!

Your return on investment will be even more important.


Join Us NOW…

More Infos about AGAM Atlantic Global Asset Management

More Infos about Questra



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LikesXL LikesXL[/caption]






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LikesXL is an online advertising platform and shopping portal that was launched on October 19, 2015 and on January 1, 2016 it already had more than 44,000 members in 179 countries. It’s growing faster than expected! The purpose of LikesXL is to make it possible for anyone to advertise online and to create a monthly income with minimal effort.






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Global MoneyLine 5543 leads in 4 days

Global MoneyLine 5543 leads in 4 days

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